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A roof is the structural support of your home or a building. The main purpose of a roof is to control proper air flow, water ingress and surface protection.

We offer everything from the standard 3-tab shingle to the textured look of architectural shingles. When selecting a roof shingle, it is equally important to consider a proper ventilation system. Our estimate will include the proper type and capacity of ventilation for your roof. We will inform you on your options and let you know whether you really need a new roof, or if it's better for you to repair your existing one and which ventilation is right for your roof.


Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material and are available in grades with an expected life of 20-50 years to a limited lifetime. Many colors and styles to choose from. While we offer multiple brands such as GAF/Timberline, Certainteed/ etc. We prefer to use Owens Corning Duration Series Shingles with Surenail Technolgy as they offer a 110 mph wind resistance rating and a 30-Year Limited Warranty with 5-Year Tru PROtection® Coverage.

Simply changing a older 3 tab roof to a new architectural 3 dimensional makes a home look more modern and can bring a new decorative look to any home.


Velux Skylights are the perfect solution to adding natural light to your home or office and can also help in minimizing heating, cooling, and lighting costs while adding value and quality to your home. Bring the best of the outdoors inside with you by visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed in dark spaces that can be transformed with daylight and great sky views. Available and designed in a variety of shapes with many features to choose from.



Shingle Colors Shown in 3D Archtectural
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Whalin Construction, Handyman and Remodeling Services, Romulus Michigan 734-992-2372